Our FATE Awaits Us in the New World

Session 8: You Said to Get a Ring

The morning after the trip down into the salt mines, Krys woke up to discover she had miscarried her child. Clarisse walked in on Krys telling Charles, and she went to the Mystery Men to buy healing elixirs. She returned with four regular healing elixirs and one for emotional healing, offering one of each to Krys, who took only the regular healing version. Krys left the house, despite Charles’s protests. He tried to sneak out of the house in pursuit, sending Clarisse to get him a pillow, but the sound of Charles trying to be stealthy with a broken leg alerted her. The two ended up going after Krys together, with Charles in a pushcart. They found Krys crying in Nama’s stall, afraid of Yaw’s reaction, and Nama took the three back to Yaw’s house, where Yaw proposed to Krys with an enormous carved stone ring. She accepted, and it was decided the wedding would wait until Charles heals.

The next morning, the group was awoken by screecher monkeys. Krys shot the remaining two and threw them into the street. The bodies ended up in a container near the house, where they attracted another group of monkeys. Krys ended up using a makeshift explosive to kill the ‘bloody monkeys.’ An old lady walking by ended up taking the monkey corpses as she knew someone who would want the meat, giving the group another connection to the Undercity.


If anyone cares, the proper spelling for Yaw’s sister is “Naamah”

Session 8: You Said to Get a Ring

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