Our FATE Awaits Us in the New World

Session 5: The Undercity

...good thing Charles isn't with us

Krys met up With Clarisse and Ace in the guest house, where they figured out their plan for the day. Charles was off doing something with setting up his market stall or gambling, probably gambling. The trio decided to explore a rumor they had discovered. They had heard whispers of The Undercity, and wanted to check it out. Well Krys and Ace did, and Clarisse had no objections.
Ace had one of his friends lead the way to the entrance to the Undercity and the trio went down what seemed to be a service entrance. Clarisse going down the stairs and Ace and Krys swinging down a rope. Upon reaching the bottom, they were stopped by a rusty gate. Ace was able to get through the bars, but the girls were too big. Krys had the brilliant idea to kick down the gate. She kicked it once and then Clarisse stepped up and sent the gate flying off the hinges.
After following the man who came to see what the commotion was, they realized just how dark is was down here. The group found a market, Ace and Clarisse keeping to the shadows, while Krys was strutting around like she owned the place. After one of the residents of the Undercity attempted to pickpocket her, she unleashed her own brand of pirate justice and shot the woman in the ass after she began to flee.
The trio eventually found a stall that was selling elixirs which they decided to send Clarisse to by herself. She was accused of stealing from someone and Krys came to her aid. They dispatched the man, looted the corpse and decided to talk to the owner of the stall. After getting some information about some of the more, unique denizens of the Undercity, tipped him for his info and received some elixirs to help them see in the Undercity. They met with a few of Ace’s friends and left them with promises of helping them escape on their trip down here.
When they were making their way back to the MIddlecity, there were guards and repairmen at the gate. Ace, up to his usual tricks, threw some rocks to distract them. One guard was distracted but the second saw where the rock came from, and found where the group was hiding. Krys started fighting him, but couldn’t score a hit. Ace threw a dagger and it nailed the guard in the jugular, killing him. The trio made their escape, after Ace collected his dagger, by climbing up the rope.
Getting back to the Middlecity, the light was so bright they were nearly crippled. Krys placed her hat on Clarisse’s head, and told Ace to fashion himself a bandanna to block the light, since she’s dealt with harsh sunglare on the seas before, and started to lead them back to the guest house.
On the way, Yaw spotted them, mistaking Clarisse for Krys at first due to the hat. Krys spoke up, telling the others to get back to the room. She gave a quick story to Yaw to get him to help her. After getting some elixirs from him, and with promises to see him later that night, Krys left and ran to a Mystery Man Stall to get the same elixirs for Ace an Clarisse.
When she reached the guest house, she found Ace staring at his hands and Clarisse trying to comfort him. She passed out the potions, Clarisse taking the Neutralizer right away. Krys persuaded Ace to take it as well, and then set about figuring out what was wrong.
After helping him drink the other two elixirs, Speaking and Understanding, she told him the story of her first time killing someone, after which, she had a lap full of Ace, arms wrapped around her while he cried. Clarisse joined them on the floor in a group hug and then stayed there helping to comfort Ace.

And that’s when Charles walks in….



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