Our FATE Awaits Us in the New World

Session 2

Land ho!

Present: Krys, Charles, Ace
Absent: Clarice

Following the brutal storm, Krys slept for almost two full days. She woke up and went searching for food. She found herself in a debate with Charles which resulted in a challenge to a duel. The two proceeded to the deck with rapiers and set the terms; an honorable duel with information on the line.

The two found themselves well matched. Ace acted as a bookie and collected bets from the gathered crowd, riling them up in favor of Charles. Krys took advantage of the rigging on the ship to gain a height advantage while Charles used biting insults to gain a psychological edge. A few minor scrapes were exchanged, but the siblings’ skills seemed to complement each other perfectly.

Krys resorted to dirty tricks, angering Charles at her lack of honor. Ace was angered as well and attempted to trip, distract, and set the crowd against Krys. In spite of her unorthodox techniques, Krys ended up against the rail with a gashed arm in obvious defeat to Charles. Charles, however, surprised the crowd by conceding the fight at this point instead, thus declaring Krys the winner. The crowd, egged on by Ace rebelled and threatened to throw Krys overboard. She and Charles, however, managed to escape the crowd to below decks where Charles bandaged Krys’ wound.

The next morning, the cry of “Land ho!” could be heard across the ship; Krys immediately jumped overboard to swim to land, Ace hid in the first longboat, and Charles used his status to insist on being on that board. The first of the crew to land quickly realized that the storm had blown them farther off course than they anticipated, and no one had any idea where they were. This didn’t slow down Ace who insisted to the rest of his friends that they go exploring into the hot jungle. He “selected” some supplies for the group to use, and off they went.

The thin band of jungle between the beach and the desert hills were full of all manners of unfamiliar flora and fauna. The desert, dotted with patches of lushness and shade, carried even more. The weirdest discovery of all, however, was an advanced tribe living in a city carved deep within the mountains.

The group entered a busy marketplace, surrounded by people buying and selling strange goods, speaking in a tongue they did not understand. Ace split from the group and made friends with a band of children playing in the streets. Charles and Krys, in the mean time, met a man at one of the shops. After discovering the language barrier, the man bought them each elixirs for speaking and understanding the language. Ace managed to get ahold of the elixirs intended for Charles. Krys sold some of her British coins to a junk dealer in exchange for the local currency and used it to buy new elixirs of language for Charles. her harsh manners towards the Mystery Man at the shop almost resulted in her being given a less beneficial elixir.

All three learned that the Mystery Men, who dress in armor-like metal garments, are the only ones with the knowledge to create elixirs. The process to gain this knowledge is very long and arduous. As a result, Mystery Men are rare and their goods are very popular. The three newcomers are subject to many stares from the locals who find their manner of dress incredibly odd. The children who Ace has befriended poke at him in order to learn more. One pokes Ace’s upper arm causing Ace to cry out in pain. This gets Charles’ attention who attempts to ask Ace about it. Ace refuses to tell Charles what happened, but does give him permission to look at his arm when the streets are quieter.

Armed with their new use of language, Krys and Charles learn that their guide’s name is Walamu and Ace learns his new friend, a young boy of aproximately 5 years, is named Iamu. Walamu offer Krys and Charles a place to sleep with his family, but the pair declines and instead ask to be shown to the guest house. Ace sells a large amount of British coins for the local currency, learning that there are at least two values, 1 and 25, of coin. He uses some of his money to buy clothing to be able to fit in with the crowd. He finds a secluded place to sleep for the night.

Krys decides to go looking for trouble. She enters a tavern and picks a fight with someone in there. The citizens, she discovers, are quite peaceful as it was very difficult to start a fight. Regardless, she successfully instigates a bar brawl getting beat up in the process. She is thrown out of the bar practically into the lap of Charles who was walking by to return to Ace. Charles looks at Krys’ injuries but does not have the opportunity to bandage any before someone in the tavern emerges and informs Krys that, during the fight, she flipped a table and it landed on another patron who is critically injured. When she refuses to see to his treatment, Krys is told under no uncertain terms that she will heal him, even at the expense of herself. A runner takes a bit of her blood and sprints to the Mystery Men.

Ace witnesses the runner approach the Mystery Men’s shop and ask for “Increase healing, increase strength, transfer healing, transfer strength”. The Mystery Man does not have all of the requested elixirs in stock but gives the runner what he has. The runner, followed by Ace, returns to the tavern and administers the elixirs to the victim who comes to shortly after. Charles leads Krys back to the guest house.



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