Our FATE Awaits Us in the New World

Session 6: A Duel For Honor!

... Sort of....

A new day found Charles, Clarrise, Ace and Yaw heading back to Governor Kent’s office to retrieve Krys. When they got there, they were shocked to see Krys bruised and bloodied. Outraged, Charles challenged Kent to a duel. Charles eventually had to surrender, at Krys’s request, because Kent’s champion was using a poisoned blade. Kent decreed, as the victor, that ‘Charles of the house Essex no longer had any claim to power in the new land.’ Krys had been brought into the shade by Yaw so she wasn’t around. The group headed back to the natives and went their separate ways. Krys got a healing elixir but her nausea wasn’t going away. After going to the Mystery Men to try and figure it out, she came back with a very large secret…



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