Quote Log

Session #:
Clarise: “Krys!”
Krys: “What?”
Clarise: “You hit me in the head with a monkey!”
Krys: “Sucks to be you.”


“The implied lime is not-” – Gareth, Brian
" -sufficient!" – Gareth
" -suspicious!" -Brian

Look, I didn’t steal the pants – it’s fine. -Sam
“Ssh. Let the grown-ups talk.” -Ace, to Charles
Now that Ace has convicts up here, he wants convicts down there. -Brian

Session :
“I got bored. So I sprung myself and started wandering around the ship.” – Krys
“What do you mean?” – Charles
“I. Got. Bored.” – Krys

“He’s on a mission from Gahd.” – Gareth, re: Ace, 8-year-old street thief/secret agent/missionary

The Priest, understandably, does not know how to deal with the eight year old confessing to murder. -GM

Session 5
“Here, have some leeches for your ass.” Sam

Session 4

“She walks into Applebees” -GM

Session 3
“You parry the monkey” -GM

Session 2
“You’re too… female… to be a captain” -Charles
“I haunt ships I’m not on, honey” -Krys

Quote Log

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