Our FATE Awaits Us in the New World

Session 3

While Ace, Charles and Krys met the Mystery Men, Clarisse wandered around the marketplace, unable to understand the local language. She managed to communicate with body language to a fruit seller, who gave her one of the unfamiliar fruits as a sample. A woman approached her and offered help, leading Clarisse to a Mystery Man stall. She traded the fruit for help from them, which took the form of an elixir to understand the local language. Later, she caught up with Charles, and went back to the guest house for the night.

Charles tried to slip off in the middle of the night to check on Ace in his hidey-hole, but Clarisse followed him. When Charles’s attempts to bandage Ace’s wound were only serving to frighten Ace, Clarisse revealed herself to comfort him. As Ace’s bleeding grew worse, Charles sent her to fetch help. She went to the closest Mystery Man stall, and knocked on the door for help. An apprentice gave her an elixir, with the understanding that payment would be given as soon as possible. Ace improved after taking the elixir, and Charles used some coins from the coin purse he liberated from Krys to pay for it the next morning.

Krys, Ace, and Clarisse went out of the mountain the next day to complete the tasks Ace had received from the Mystery Men – locating and returning with salt and smoke melons. Ace and Clarisse decided to go up the rocky slopes to look for salt, and Krys decided not to follow. She went back towards the ship, and ended up dueling monkeys while watching out for a group of the newcomers. Meanwhile, Ace and Clarisse found the salt to be in the mines near the base of the mountain, and the smoke melons to be on the beach. The pair gathered the materials, and learned of the salt miners, those apprentices who had not followed the prescribed methods taught by the Mystery Men.

Upon returning to the mountain, Krys found she could no longer speak or understand the native language, to the bafflement of the locals. The elixirs normally do not stop working unless another elixir is consumed. She obtained replacements for herself and the group from the ship. Ace and Clarisse were last seen speaking to the Mystery Men after Ace hurt his head while playing and the bleeding would not stop. Krys revisited the bar where she got into trouble, and was questioned about why her wounds stopped bleeding.



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